Schweitz Media video productions

We make video productions for all kinds of companies and organizations. We strive to create powerful videos that are not only understandable but also exciting to watch. We tell your story in the best possible way. Together we determine the right message and execution for your video production that are necessary to achieve your intended goal and to make your corporate film, product video, music video, testimonial or aftermovie a success. we believe that video is the perfect carrier for your message. 80% of people can recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

Why Schweitz Media?

  • We use proffesional equipment

  • Always trying to achieve the best result

  • Very passionate about our work

  • Social media marketing experience

  • We always go the extra mile

  • We listen to your exact needs

Corporate video

Showcase what your company is all about

After movie

A captured memorie that makes people want to go back

Product video

Showcase the beauty and the functions of your product

Drone videography

Capture things from another perspective

Video editing

We bring your clips to the next level

Real estate

Get professional, ready-to-share real estate videos branded to you

Music video

We want to create a movie that strengthen your song

Testimonial Video

A video testimonial is more impactful and memorable than a written one

Anything else

We want to tell all kinds of story’s. contact us and we will help you with yours.


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